Humour and Laughter!!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Laugh, & the world laughs with you

It is very difficult to imagine our life without the presence of laughter & humour. Many humorous incidents (or accidents) take place everyday; some evoking intense laughter, while others, just a smile. A humorous remark helps in easing stress and tensions. E.g. A teacher teaching a new class cracks a few jokes and makes the entire class comfortable.

It is very difficult to take humour seriously. However, its importance in daily life cannot be understated. It is an effective weapon for attacking social issues, and as stated earlier, for reducing stress. Due to this, of late, people have started taking humour seriously.

Our daily lives are highly stressed. Hence, saying that,‘ laughter makes our life worth living’, should not be called an exaggeration. Laughter acts as a safety valve to release tensions whenever things become unbearable. Laughter is not always an outcome of humour. It is also a social function. As Mark Twain puts it,” Laughter is the only effective weapon mankind has.”

“If you are to busy to laugh ,you are too busy.”, they say. Let's dedicate some time from our ‘busy’ lives to analyse this unique propensity of mankind. What do people in general think about humour and laughter? What significance does it have in their personal lives? The blog is an attempt to delineate their responses and find out the truth behind the dictum, ” Laughing is serious business.” Do post your comments on the above questions.


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